ArchiFM Maintenance


Maintenance management plans and controls care/maintenance activities and their costs. With this module you can control regular tasks and assignments as well as single events. The demonstration/visualization of components not only take place in connection with the building structure but also with the superordinated technical facilities. We would like to introduce the following highlights:

Overview of:

  • building technical facilities/equipment

  • Maintenance tasks

  • Open and completed tasks

  • HelpDesk for rational breakdown management

  • Generating workorders

  • Various evaluation possibilities


Maintenance tasks

The tasks are individual breakdown items of a repair process. Tasks are defining the description of the particular process element, they detail the necessary spare parts, tools, as well as the personal- and time requirement. Resource- and spare part planning are easy to do this way! 

Open and completed tasks

Open and completed tasks are visualized graphically in the schedule initially, and later, they can be listed together with the dedicated mechanics in the list demonstration too. Thereby it is obvious at any time, which procedures or actions are overdue.

Rational breakdown management

Helpdesk templates help you with the complete reception of all information necessary to solve your problem. Optionally you can release orders/assignments in a later step. A cost center allocation makes later invoicing or billing easier.

Generating workorders

It is also easy to manage the generation of workorders. Meanwhile ArchiFM adjusts itself to the formulas of the enterprise. Printing is enabled on company specific formulas including evaluation of responses.

Evaluation possibilities

ArchiFM Maintenance offers various possibilities of evaluation/analysis/reporting. For example you can easily trace certain components' susceptibility to error and possible failure. Costs can be evaluated and reported and indicated by different parameters. They transmit reliably planned layouts for your future resource demands.

Building technical facilities/equipment

With ArchiFM Maintenance management you can demonstrate e.g. the ventilation exhaust with the according air-conditioning and the appropriate room/area. In case of breakdown history (all previous procedures) of the object are immediately visible. This can be localized to its location as well as from its affiliation to the appropriate equipment or facilitity.

News & Events

New version released with ArchiCAD 17 support
10. December 2013

We have just released the new hosted version at the end of last week on our servers, and also we are going to update the local installations by our clients based on our service contracts.

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