ArchiFM Asset Planning

ArchiFM manages real estate properties and buildings with furniture and technical equipment within the facility. You can individually record and work on the physical structure of a building including all internals, the process of realization, the status of single rooms and many more.

The building information system ArchiFM follows the principle of the virtual building – all data of the building are linked smoothly with one another, from important geometrical data to various alphanumeric data, occupancy, building technique, and maintenance.
All information pertaining to the building (to the property) is administered in a database. This information can represent floor space and details, contract-data, addresses of maintenance companies, inventory lists, and access data all the way to building plans. Thereby all information is available only once and in only one location instead of having it spread over many locations or having duplicate data.

The ArchiFM building information system offers the following features:
  • Demonstration/illustration of property and buildings
  • Area management
  • Active optimizing of area utilization
  • Illustration of floor plans/layouts in 2D and 3D for Exposés, emergency plans, etc.
  • Address- and personnel data with access- and extension management
  • Availability of all relevant data
  • Export of reports
  • Direct data-evaluation
  • Combination of all documents
  • Sophisticated access options
  • External access through SQL
  • Free to define attributes
  • Hierarchical demonstration of all objects
  • Cost center allocation, also graphically presentable
  • Free to generate queries/inquiries to areas, spaces and rooms
  • Interface to inventory management


News & Events

New version released with ArchiCAD 17 support
10. December 2013

We have just released the new hosted version at the end of last week on our servers, and also we are going to update the local installations by our clients based on our service contracts.

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