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If you are looking for an easy-to-use breakdown reporting and maintenance management system for your facilities maintenance or operating services, then the ProFM Helpdesk system has been developed just for you. The software enables you to provide your clients or dispatcher center with an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art, web based breakdown reporting service even free of charge and without the need for IT development.


Using the service, you can:

  • track and manage the issues within a structured database,
  • easily keep in touch with your clients and maintenance crew,
  • gain a competitive advantage by improving the quality of your services without IT development.

You only need to register in three easy steps on our ProFM HelpDesk system and you can begin using the service! For this, go to our Try the ProFM HelpDesk site and click "Registration".

If you wish to use our helpdesk system professionally, please read the details of our Premium service. With the help of the Premium service, you will have access to numerous additional functions and advantages, which provide a solid software background for a professional operation.

Content of the ProFM Helpdesk Premium basic package:

  • Capability of simultaneous management of an unlimited number of operating and maintenance crew
  • High-capacity server that is optimized to handle large data quantity
  • Displaying of the service providers' name and logo in headings
  • Removal of the "Free" label
  • Regular data backups
  • Annual change-over (filtering and archiving last year's data)
  • SSL encoding of the communication between the web browser and the host server
  • Technical support per e-mail

and as per individual requirements...

  • Data cleaning
  • Data recovery
  • Participation in data processing and data maintenance
  • Initial data migration from existing data sources
  • Creating customized reports
  • Capability of integration with other vintoCON products
  • Capability of integration with external systems
  • Individual software development, customization for your needs

For rates of the ProFM Helpdesk Premium package, please check out our ProFM Helpdesk Price Calculator.

If you order our ProFM Helpdesk Premium package for a monthly fee, we offer additional useful services at reasonable prices. 

If you need further information about the services offered by the ProFM Helpdesk, please check out our brief presentation, which you can download here:

If you need technical support, or would like to know more about the use of the ProFM Helpdesk, please read the users' manual:


News & Events

New version released with ArchiCAD 17 support
10. December 2013

We have just released the new hosted version at the end of last week on our servers, and also we are going to update the local installations by our clients based on our service contracts.

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