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PDA-based Inventory Software

OrthoGraph Inventory is a flexible inventory software system that runs on PDA (or Windows Mobile touchscreen device) and enables easy and fast inventory of your assets and stocks. The system also supports bar code scanners.

 You no longer need to handle long lists or use considerable resources for on-site assessments or subsequent data recording. The system replaces paper-based data gathering, saving you time, effort and funds. Get one step ahead of your competitors!

In the 21st century, the majority of companies use some kind of information system to record their assets, but the entry and maintenance of the data are most often wearisome. The OrthoGraph PDA-based mobile inventory system has been designed to address this problem.





Most Important Benefits of the Software:

  • Time-efficient data gathering - You can conduct the inventory 5 to 10 times faster than conventional, paper-based inventory. In the case of follow-up inventory, the time saving is even more remarkable.
  • Cost reduction - You can achieve up to 75% reduction in the cost compared to conventional inventory.
  • Outstanding productivity - Thanks to this fast and efficient inventory method, you will waste less time.
  • Improvement of quality - The number of defects is significantly reduced since handwriting is eliminated during the inventory. Also, there is no need for typing the data in the office because data entry takes place already on site in a controlled manner. The use of fixed lists both accelerates data entry and considerably improves the quality of the data entry.
  • Electronic inventory already on site - The inventory report is prepared already on site in an electronic form which is compatible with almost all financial and facility management (CAFM) systems.
  • Easy review of the data - The inventory is easily reviewable thanks to the structured data handling and fast search function.
  • Easy handling - Both the bar code scanner and the PDA can be held in one hand.
  • Handling a large amount of data - Handle any size of database. Using the intelligent teamwork survey management, take your data on your PDA to the job site. Up to 160,000 pieces or objects can be handled per PDA on site, and using the intelligent central merge feature, there is no limit to the amount of data to handle, and it's done with intelligent collision detection.
  • No need for additional assessments - You can record controlled information right on the site: you can employ type, key and mandatory fields, and fixed lists. Any deficiency in data entry is immediately revealed, thereby eliminating wearisome and costly added assessments. In the case of follow-up inventory, the existing information is available and you need only to update it without the need for repeated data entry.
  • Easy to track the movement of objects - In the event objects are moved, the system immediately identifies, based on the identification code of the assets (e.g., bar code), the movements between the areas and temporarily places the missing objects in the missing objects inventory.
  • Planned demand for time and resources - During the assessment, the user of the software is aided by numerous important statistical indicators, which make the entire inventory process fast and flexible and enable you to plan the resources and time required.

Most Important Features of the Software:

  • The system is fully customizable - The characteristics to be assessed during the inventory and the data structures can be pre-defined. You can employ type, key and mandatory fields and fixed lists, which significantly reduce the occurrence of defective data entry and accelerate the inventory. Find out more...
  • Team work support - Several persons can simultaneously work together independently. The team work support feature enables surveys to be reviewed easily, while handling even large quantities of data, and makes stock inventory faster. Find out more...
  • Bar code scanner support - The software fully supports bar code scanners. Inventory work becomes far more accurate when the user relies on a bar code scanner, which enables the entry of the identification data into the database by just the click of a button instead of performing the data entry by the repeated and manual copying of the information.
  • Support of financial and CAFM systems - The architecture of the system allows also for the easy connection of the database to financial as well as facility management systems, thereby enabling the easy integration of the system with the existing and operating technology. Find out more...
  • Fast and safe handling of large quantities of data - Enter as much data as necessary!
  • Preparation of statements, inventory sheets and reports - Statements can be prepared about the assessed data and activities of the workers. This may even serve as a basis for the settling of accounts, help determine the person responsible for the stock, and obtain a signature for the inventory sheet.

The software package supplies everything that may be expected of an inventory maintenance program: speed, safe and organized handling of large quantities of data, bar code support, search function, the complete elimination of paperwork, and the elimination of subsequent data recording. In addition, all of these functions are available right on the site of the inventory being gathered!

If you have an extensive stock of real estate, assets, or goods and do not need ground-plan sketching, you need the OrthoGraph Inventory module. Enjoy the convenience provided by the bar code scanner, data entry according to type, and fixed lists.










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New archifm.net version released with ArchiCAD 17 support
10. December 2013

We have just released the new hosted version at the end of last week on our servers, and also we are going to update the local installations by our clients based on our service contracts.

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